Lake Amistad Bass Fishing Guide

Raul Cordero Awards




2013 Big Blue Bass Pro & I.F.B.B.A.

Team Buddy Bass Tournament 1st Place

Lake Amistad, Texas


2013 IFBBA Championship Tournament

2nd Place

Lake Bob Sandlin, Texas

Major Last  Year Accomplishments:

2012 Tournament of Champions Lake Amistad 2nd place

2012 Lake Amistad FLW Everstart 41st place

Past Accomplishments:

Was "Angler of the Year" in three separate bass clubs!


2010 Bassmaster Open 2nd place finish Lake Amistad

2010 Bassmaster Central Open 11th place Red River Louisiana.


2009 Bass Champs 17th & 19th place

2010 Bud Light Trail

      Jan 22nd 1st place

      Feb 26th 1st place

      April 23rd 2nd place

      May 21st 2nd place

2011 Bud light trail Angler of the year


2010 Permian State Invitational 2nd place

2008 West Texas Team Trail. Lake Amistad 2nd place          

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